At the Fair

First Love

Primo Amore – First Love is the new platform intended to direct the public and younger collectors to works of quality but with more easily accessible price tags, i.e. within 5,000 euros.
An ad hoc panel shall select up to 3 works from each gallery. This is another form of incentive for budding collectors with limited resources who are thus guided towards works capable of igniting the ‘first love’. We are not talking about minor works, therefore, but of authentic and precious ‘treats’.

Free Stage

A space that involves several young artists who shall not be backed by any gallery but rather presented by artists from the previous generation

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i8 – independent spaces

This section is based on an idea by Cristiano Seganfreddo and is curated by Agenzia del Contemporaneo. It is now in its seventh edition and devotes a large area to the most interesting Italian non-profit organisations involved in
research activities in the contemporary field, selected and hosted at the fair to present the most interesting projects in response to a tender.

King Kong

A format revisited for a different idea of monument and of installation. 8 projects selected from the artists represented at the fair, design a bipolar area at the entrance to the pavilion 11, a “versatile lung” as a creative freedom manifesto for an important introductory and participatory space.


This is a space for further debate focused in 2014 on the virtuous relationship between Art and Enterprise; in 2015 the attention was paid to other Italians active in the art world who have been called to work abroad; in 2016 was dedicated to the art of collecting with a focus on the public foundations.



This format, curated by Eva Comuzzi, and in its third edition, offers the public the possibility to meet the Italian artists whose works are on show at the fair in person, at their galleries. Every 30 minutes, an appointment is held in the stand, according to a fixed schedule.


ArtVerona Young

A section approaching contemporary art as seen by youngsters, with workshops for children aged 4 to 12, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona.