A Collection is a production prize associated with a small artist residency period. The winning artist, chosen among those presented by the galleries participating in ArtVerona 2020, will be assigned the chance to design a tapestry and to assist in the first phases of its weaving. The tapestry will be made by the master weaver Giovanni Bonotto, who together with the artist and under his or her guidance will create the visual identity of the piece. A Collection, a project curated by Chiara Casarin, intertwines the contemporary research of young but established artists of the Italian scene with the creative vision of new weaving techniques.

The 15 large tapestries made till now have been produced also with yarns coming from the processing of recycled plastic. In this way, the project blends environmental and ethical commitment with the attention and support given to the more important development in contemporary visual research. In addition to this award, A Collection has also established a partnership with ArtVerona for the project Sculpture&TheCity in which the artist who will create the sculpture for the public space in 2021 will also render his or her work in tapestry form, thereby transferring a work concept capable of manifesting itself in different visual languages.

The winning artist will be selected by:

Giovanni Bonotto, President of A Collection, in 2018 won the “Sustainable Producer” prize at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion at the Scala Theatre of Milan and, for the occasion, covered the theatre’s façade entirely with a tapestry made with yarns derived from plastic recycling. Giovanni Bonotto, who has grown together with the most important artists of the international scene, has always cultivated a philosophy that brings together artistic production with manufacturing production based on a pioneering cultural mindset, and has become the ambassador of a new way of thinking and of manufacturing.
Chiara Casarin, director of A Collection, is the curator of collective and personal exhibitions of contemporary artists for public and private bodies, and is a consultant for collectors and museums. She is a member of the Scientific Board of the Galleries of the Academy of Venice, of the ‘La Vigna’ International Library of Vicenza and of the study board for the new Bailo of the Civic Museums in Treviso. She holds a degree in History of Art and a PhD in contemporary art history. She has published “L’autenticità nell’Arte Contemporanea” (Authenticity in Contemporary Art), ZeL Edizioni, Treviso, 2015. Her professional career pivots on the enhancement of the museums’ historic collections with research in contemporary art and the application of digital technology for the conservation and divulgation of artistic and historic heritage. She has been the director of the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa from 2016 to 2020.
Marcello Forin (Bassano del Grappa, 1951) is interested in contemporary art and in ancient African sculpture. In his research in these fields, which he started in the 1980’s, of fundamental importance has been his passion for Caucasian carpets that have introduced him to formal and signic abstraction. His first collection purchases favour the informal and Italian and international historic avant-garde artists. He then shifts his attention consistently also on conceptual investigations, those linked to the human body, to performance and to space, as in the more recent developments of visual analysis. Today he manages this heritage together with his daughters with the aim of having the works circulate and of creating relations capable of keeping the debate alive and of creating new opportunities and strategies for contemporary art.
Nicola Zanella (Brescia, 1986) is a cultural manager with a strong predisposition for marketing and for networking activities. He began dedicating his time to the cultural sector by working in communication at the Interarts foundation in Barcelona. A founding member of Collective, the association established in 2019 with the aim of promoting dialogue among collectors and of supporting the contemporary art system in Italy, he has been a contributor to Arteconomy24/Il Sole 24 Ore since 2017.

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