The Fair


ArtVerona | Art Project Fair, the modern and contemporary art fair will hold its thirteenth edition from 13 to 16 October 2017.

Under the artistic direction of  Adriana Polveroni, at the helm for the next three years, the event continues its growing trend. The latest editions, in fact, have seen a surge in the number of exhibitors and collectors and increasing appreciation by the operators. The commitment is to support an alternative fair model, with the promotion of the Italian art system as its defining trait.

Trade fairs today are not just market events, they need to produce culture, also to the purpose of better driving the market itself. But what does producing culture actually means for a modern and contemporary art fair?
In recent years, ArtVerona has built up a clear profile for itself by effectively focusing on the enhancement of the Italian art system and increasingly accrediting itself as a privileged venue for exhibitors and collectors in search of quality.

The title of the 13th edition of ArtVerona is “Viaggio in Italia  #BacktoItaly”, highlighting this Italian vocation and the will to support the artists and the market that represents them, and eventually reach out to museums, as the
natural goal of a route that begins with scouting  in art galleries.