ArtVerona presents the 150 art galleries of the edition celebrating its 15th anniversary


ArtVerona presents the 150 art galleries of the edition celebrating its 15th anniversary, to be held from October 11th to 13th, in the renovated exhibition areas of Veronafiere, offering an increasingly qualified pathway through the panorama of the Italian art market that ranges from the more consolidated modern sector to emerging new art waiting to be discovered.
The Fair will consist of 5 sections: from the 115 galleries of the Main Section that cover modern and contemporary art to those of the research and experimentation sector that also includes the two sections dedicated to international art, namely Focus on with 5 galleries, that, after showcasing Lithuania last year, this time highlights another highly interesting scenario, that of the Czech Republic and of Slovakia, and Grand Tour, dedicated to the vision of 6 galleries and gallery managers who have sailed forth from Italy to open a gallery abroad, or vice versa. Next to these are the two sections dedicated to the younger artists with the 16 galleries of Scouting and the 8 galleries of the Raw Zone, solo shows.

The 3rd edition sees new and important additions, as well as significant returns and confirmations compared to the previous edition: this represents the acknowledgement of a project that invests in the potential of the Italian art system, and is also the result of a constant dialogue with the varied expressions of collecting that occurs all year round via the Fair’s roadshow that visits the various cities of Italy, and via the novelty represented by Collecting, the course designed for new collectors by Adriana Polveroni, now in her third year as art director.

The Fair also offers Free Stage, the section dedicated to the artists who are not yet represented by a gallery, this year featuring 8 young talents invited by Alberto Garutti, as well as 14 project spaces selected for the i10 Spazi Indipendenti curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo.

In order to celebrate its 15th anniversary, ArtVerona is expanding the Fair experience by opening to the public the nearby Gallerie Mercatali. The 6,400 m2 of this fascinating industrial archeology building, currently being restored by Veronafiere, will be transformed for three days into Loony Park, a large environmental installation by the artist Norma Jeane, set up by Contemporary Locus and curated by Paola Tognon. Not just a party but an artistic experience that evolves as days turn into night, entering into the mechanisms of entertainment – an interactive work that encompasses visual arts and performance and intertwines with sound thanks to the international guests invited by Path Festival, the stars of the great opening party to be held on Friday 11th October, and to the sound incursions that will animate the installation on the night between Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October.

ArtVerona announces the juries of an increasingly complex platform of prizes and awards, with two new events: the Premio MZ Costruzioni Prize, an initiative conceived by two Campanian collectors and entrepreneurs, and the Casarini Prize, an idea of the DueTorriHotels Group dedicated to painting, for artists aged under 35. All of the other prize-giving events have been confirmed: Level 0, involving the directors of several major Italian museums and sponsored by AGSM, Premio Icona, Premio WiDiCollect in collaboration with Banca Widiba, Premio Fotografia Under 35, Display, the Sustainable Art Prize promoted by the ‘Ca’ Foscari’ University of Venice, the second edition of the Veronafiere fund A Disposizione and the award for the i10 Spazi Indipendenti, on the 10th anniversary of the project sustained by AMIA.

The Veronetta quarter of the city is organising projects and initiatives that, through contemporary art, offer visitors the chance to discover one of ancient Verona’s most interesting downtown districts. La quarta notte di quiete curated by Christian Caliandro is reconfirmed. The Polo Santa Marta of the University of Verona opens its doors to the guided tours of Contemporanee, Contemporanei, the exhibition of works belonging to the AGI Verona Collection that the collector Giorgio Fasol has placed at the University’s disposal for five years and to the interaction with its students. Giardino Giusti hosts To be played, video, immagine in movimento e videoinstallazione nella “generazione ottanta”, an exhibition curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti, promoted by Giardino Giusti and Urbs Picta in cooperation with ArtVerona and Careof (11th October – 22nd November 2019).

The Cariverona Foundation presents the exhibitions Carlo Zinelli. Visione Continua and Omaggio a Mirko Basaldella, curated by Luca Massimo Barbero (11th October 2019 – 12th January 2020).

The new image of the 15th edition of ArtVerona is curated by the Agenzia del Contemporaneo and fruit of the work of photographer Pietro Cocco.

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