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curated by the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona’ (Academy of Fine Arts of Verona)


ArtVerona | Art Project Fair for the fourth year running has entrusted ArtVeronaYoung, the section dedicated to bringing a younger public closer to contemporary art, to Accademia di Belle Arti of Verona (ABAVR) (Fine Arts Academy of Verona) that, based on the expertise gained in over 250 years of history, is still evolving and growing. The Academy offers training based on its being an institution accredited with the public education system of the MIUR, AFAM compartment, for the attainment of qualification equivalent to a university degree. Once again the institution offers the youngest the chance to play with their creativity, developing curiosity for their artistic potential, via the membership of ABAVR and of ArtVerona in KidsUniversity, an important project conducted by the University of Verona. The activity on offer, entitled “Nell’Atelier dell’artista” [In the artist’s studio], will be hosted at the Academy on 22 September.

The ateliers designed for ArtVeronaYoung also intend to offer a series of stimuli for ‘art making’ freely interpreting the theme of this year’s edition, utopia. This year, in the space dedicated to the workshops, the chosen background is a work by Verena Theoni, a student in the course entitled “Atelier Direction. Cultural Art Mediation”, at the Academy of Fine Arts.

More specifically, at ArtVerona, there will be two workshops on offer:


What would happen if the natural and the artificial were combined, to create a new botanical species?

Playing with shapes and colours with prints will provide the opportunity to create images where natural and unnatural elements are combined to decorate a surface which, from two-dimensional, will become three-dimensional.


Through the techniques of collage and paper folding, participants in the workshop will create a tower where predators and prey in the animal world live together in harmony in space and body.


Saturday 13 | Sunday 14

Hall between pavilions 11 and 12


11.30 > 12.30 – 16.00 > 17.00


12.45 > 13.45 – 17.15 > 18.15

Workshops designed and conducted by Franco Spaliviero, Marta Ciresa, Saba Ferrari and Chiara de Eccher, assisted by the students of the second level biennial course in Atelier Direction – mediazione culturale dell’arte (cultural art mediation) of the Fine Arts Academy of Verona.

Booking is required for this workshop (for children aged 5 to 12 only). 5 Euro per child


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