Collezionismo al centro/ Collecting at the centre

Meetup opportunities and exhibition and publishing projects focusing on collectors. With the contribution of Antonio Grulli.

Course on collecting

ArtVerona presents a new project, a pilot experience launched from North-Eastern Italy: a course that addresses the challenges and the generational shift in Italian collecting, with the aim of training new collectors. It will be held in four venues – Bassano del Grappa, Rovereto, Molvena and Vicenza – and will avail itself of instructors and experts in art collection in partnership with museums and private collections.

Critical Collecting

Format conceived and edited by Antonio Grulli, with ten young independent art critics who compose a text that analyzes the collection or the way of collecting as many collectors, with particular attention to the Italian market. A way to be focused on the art critic, fundamental figure for the correct and healthy functioning of the art world.

2016 Edition > download pdf
2017 Edition > download pdf

Primo Amore (First love)

A platform that aims at directing the public towards high-quality artworks with affordable price tags, i.e. within 5,000 euros, to kindle the interest of new collectors. An incentive for
young collectors with limited financial resources, guided towards works capable of igniting that spark of “first love”. In a word: low cost but original and precious works.

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