Grand Tour

The theme of the 13th edition of ArtVerona is “Viaggio in Italia #backtoitaly”. Its aim is to highlight Italy’s attractiveness for artists, so much so as to have been (and as perhaps it still is) a unique source of inspiration.

With @backtoitaly, however, an equally important aim is to underline the commitment an Italian fair must
spend in order to enhance the value of its artists.
Not by chance, “Viaggio in Italia” also hints at those foreign entities present in our country that are interested
in our artists, as well as at those Italian art dealers who, after emigrating, are now ‘coming back’ to the
Peninsula, bringing with them their experience abroad.

This is the idea behind the Grand Tour area, where the focus on Italy takes the shape of works of Italian artists
or of a window open onto our reality.
We are thinking of an area somehow circular in shape, a sort of island to be circumnavigated on this Grand
Tour, and located in a central position of the Pavilion dedicated to contemporary art and to the more researchoriented galleries.

An island swept by a fresh and constant breeze, where one can find ‘architectures’, ‘artefacts’ and small
treasures made by its ‘inhabitants’ and visited by curious visitors interested in discovering the Island.
An area where the idea of Grand Tour progresses beyond its romantic or trite implementation towards a focus
on the present, aware that today Italy is no longer simply Goethe’s celebrated “land where lemon trees bloom”
but, dramatically, also that destination where fugitives first land.

In this sense, the theme we have envisioned this year is in tune with a fair dedicated to research at a more
complex level than that of the mere “Voyage”. It will be interesting to see, in viewing the galleries’ proposals,
how the past blends in with a controversial present and what kind of attractiveness Italy can still exert.