Festival Veronetta


veronettaFestival Veronetta, a widespread event, a participated art project that will invest the Veronetta district with the site-specific actions of several artists inside a dozen shops and other locales along via XX Settembre and its environs for The second night of calm curated by Christian Caliandro – teacher, art critic and leader writer – in cooperation with MyHomeGallery.org, a platform that brings viewers closer to art via experience, accompanied by a rich programme of live sessions, DJ sets and sound art events held at Teatro Camploy, at Colorificio Kroen and at several branches of the Santa Marta university district, curated by Associazione Morse for the 4th edition of the Path Festival, in cooperation with ESU of Verona on the occasion of the 13th edition of ArtVerona, from 13th to the 16th of October 2017.

An event that expands and opens out to the city and that will involve not just a single district but a city within the city, a city next to the city, made of incredibly attractive chipped and peeling walls, of sudden cracks in the facades, but also of shops, bars, inns that will stay open – such as Malacarne, Morandin, Osteria ai Preti, Pedrotti – that seem positioned outside Time.

In this urban context abounding in history and featuring a very strong identity, characterised by high rates of immigration and of young people, seeing it hosts the University, an alternative to the historical/monumental city centre and to its ’tourist’ connotation, pulsing with locations (libraries, studios, restaurants, snack bars and shops linked to everyday activities), where it is concretely possible to enter and enjoy a different dimension, The second night of calm envisages the construction of an “non-exhibition exhibition”, namely of a non-traditional exhibition system in which the artists’ installations can live and grow inside a ‘precarious’, ephemeral and transitory ecosystem that lasts only three days, based on several guiding criteria such as the respect for the identity and history of the location, welcoming, cooperation, relations and work of art intended as ‘state’.

The artists chosen – among which Paola Angelini, Fabrizio Bellomo, Nero, Roxy in the Box and Jonathan Vivacqua – are all authors already working in this direction and that will present works that compose a narration, record a mood, an atmosphere.  In other words, they set a temperature. They will attempt to escape from their own (traditional?) statute as well as from their own time, as they possess a mobile and changeable nature that willingly tends towards the condition of works as ‘states’.

 The initiative shall be accompanied by a rich programme of live performances, DJ sets, workshops, talks and installations distributed in as many locations loaded with meaning, suggesting the idea of a path on which the echoes of contemporary art resonate with the history and identity of the city, for the 4th edition of Path, an avant-garde music festival organised by Associazione Morse that in the last few years has been bringing to Verona some of the most interesting proposals of contemporary music.


The second night of calm

seconda_nottecurated by Christian Caliandro
supported by di Eleonora Raspi
Quartiere Veronetta
13 > 15 october 2017


Path Festival

pathDj set, live session, performance di musica elettronica
a cura di Associazione Morse
Quartiere Veronetta, Chiostro della Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio per le province di Verona, Rovigo e Vicenza; Colorificio Kroen (zona fiera); Corte Maddalene; Polo Universitario Santa Marta; Rocket Radio; Teatro Camploy.
12 > 15 ottobre 2017


The program

Via XX Settembre, 13

XXCollezione De Iorio proposes the works of: Benni BosettoGabriele De Santis ed Helena Hladilová, invitated by art project Treti Galaxie.


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Stefano Scheda | Looking for the body

schedaExhibition byStefano Scheda
curated by Leonardo Regano
Isolo17 Gallery
Quartiere Veronetta, via XX Settembre 31b
23 September > 29 October 2017



First Step 8

first_stepcurated by Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
Canoa Club, Corte Dogana 6, Verona
12 October > 12 November 2017
(operning, 12 ottobre – 6.30 pm)

Gallerie d’Arte e Spazi Espositivi di Verona
18 November > 18 Dicember 2017



Map of the events