Free Stage

Young artists presented by artists from the previous generation

free-stageAmos Cappuccio, Antonio Della Guardia e Lula Broglio: three new artists presented by H.H. Lim, Giuseppe Pietroniro and Daniele Puppi

In the last eight years, ArtVerona has focused on independent collectives of curators and artists, and has hosted them for free at the Fair according to a formula that has become its signature purpose and approach.

For its 13th edition, the horizon of the ‘Independents’ widens to include a new project called Free Stage that, born of an idea of Adriana Polveroni, involves several young artists who shall not be backed by any gallery but rather presented by artists from the previous generation in a close dialogue between the two, without the contribution of the curator’s figure.

This approach has no intention of lessening the role of the curator or of the gallery, but is aimed at meeting the need felt by artists to regain a central role and to engage in a direct dialogue not mediated by the system. Basically, they feel the need to return to being the active subject of artistic research and to discovering their identity beyond the liens posed by the market.

It might seem contradictory to propose, with Free Stage, independent artists within a market context such as the Fair. But we think not, because we see the Fair as an irrenounceable segment of the art system, as a hub of cultural production that, without denying its market-oriented character, opens new horizons and offers the opportunity of meeting new independent subjects with interesting possibilities.

For ArtVerona 2017, H.H. Lim, a Malaysian-Chinese artist, who arrived in Italy at the age of 18 to study at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome and has since then settled stably in Italy. He is therefore an especially significant expression of what a “Journey to Italy” means for an artist, and is the promoter of one of the first independent projects ever organised in Italy, “Edicola Notte”; Daniele Puppi and Giuseppe Pietroniro, who have already worked together on the independent project “There is no place like home”, will lead to ‘baptism’ several young artists whose identity shall be revealed directly at the Fair.


Amos Cappuccio
Antonio Della Guardia
Lula Broglio