i9 – Independent Spaces
There is time until June 4th 2018 to participate in i9 – Independent spaces, the format that will select the 14 no-profit organizations that will be hosted at the 14th edition of ArtVerona. They will become part of MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI Secolo, is THE INDEPENDENT platform, which is partner of the project.

The Fair
As authoritative point of reference in the world of contemporary art and in the European fair sector, ArtVerona is a compact and accomplished event that is attractive for its location, the quality of its offering and its relational vocation. Nomen omen. And with a “slow” approach, inclined towards research and experimentation.

145 is the number of galleries selected to further define the specificity of the two pavilions: one with a net inclination towards historically contextualised post-World War 2 artists, and the other dedicated to new generation artists.

145 galleries will be selected (participation proposals must be sent in by 10 May 2018), to better define the specific features of the two pavilions: one centred on the historically contextualised post-World War 2 artists and the other presenting latest generation artists engaged in research and experimentation

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