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The list of exhibitors of the 13th ArtVerona: 135 galleries, 14 new independent entities and 20 from the publishing sector

Increased faith in the project and acknowledgement of the headway made in the past years: this is the backbone of the 13th edition of ArtVerona, to be held from the 13th to the 16th of October 2017 at Veronafiere, and solidly based on a selection of 135 galleries, 30 of which at their debut in Verona.

In addition to these are 14 new independent entities and 20 from the publishing sector.

As of this year under the art direction of Adriana Polveroni and firmly hinged on its partnership with ANGAMC – Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Italian Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries), the event, renowned for being the most vivacious and innovative of its kind in the sector, will be concentrating its work on the quality of the exhibits and on the care taken in the art proposals, ultimately aiming at enhancing the Italian art system.

The hub of the edition will be Viaggio in Italia #backtoitaly, designed to focus the public’s attention on the Italian vocation of the event and the will to support the artists and the market that represents them in synergy with the entire art system.

In the two pavilions, traditionally dedicated to Modern and to Contemporary art, respectively, there are five exhibition sections: Grand Tour and Scouting, the novelty of the year, Main Section, Raw Zone and i8-independent spaces.

Grand Tour is the section that best illustrates the “Viaggio in Italia” (Journey to Italy) theme. The intent of this formula is to underscore the attraction Italy has always exercised on artists, to the point of being – what perhaps it still is – a precious source of inspiration. This area will showcase the foreign realities present in our Country and the Italian galleries abroad that have ‘returned’ to the Peninsula, interpreting a new take on the ‘journey’ concept.

In the Contemporary pavilion, together with the 6 entities of the Grand Tour, the 12 research galleries of the Scouting section and the 8 entities of the Raw Zone with their monographic projects compose the more experimental nucleus of the event.

Alongside these are the 14 organisations of the i8-independent spaces section, all of which at their debut, are also invited to present their interpretation of the ‘journey’ theme.

The format created by Cristiano Seganfreddo, that this year enjoys the partnership with the MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo museum of Rome, in the last eight years has been providing space and visibility in the Fair to independent organisations and associations that move autonomously with respect to the institutional system and that are often the catalysts of new trends.

As of 2017, the mission of ArtVerona to promote independent entities has expanded to include a new project, Free Stage, conceived by Adriana Polveroni, which will involve several young artists who are not yet backed by a gallery, but rather presented by artists from the previous generation. The senior artists shall be Daniele Puppi and Giuseppe Pietroniro, who have already worked together on the independent project “There is no place like home”, and H.H. Lim, a Malaysian-Chinese artist who arrived in Italy at the age of 18 to study at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome and has since then settled down in Italy – being therefore an especially significant expression of what a “Journey to Italy” means for an artist.

The program ArtVeronaTalk, conducted by the art historian and critic Paola Tognon, is another event centered on the Viaggio in Italia theme that, compared to the past, in this perspective is seen more as a gamble, a problematic landing-place, a not at all certain idea of the future.

Silvia Evangelisti, an art professor and critic and, as of this year, a consultant of the ArtVerona board, has been nominated Chairperson of the Premio Icona Committee.

Last but not least, noteworthy is the appointment of the collector Diego Bergamaschi to the ArtVerona Steering Committee, joining Mauro De Iorio, Giorgio Fasol, Michele Furlanetto, Patrizia Moroso, Cristiano Seganfreddo and Catterina Seia, and thereby confirming the event’s mission of focusing mainly on the collectors and on enhancing their role and potential.

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