Path Festival, the electronic music and culture festival promoted by the Morse association, is at its 5th edition this year. ArtVerona presents a preview of the Festival that will be held in February through the showing of the film NEGUS by Invernomuto and a performance by STILL.

Projection of NEGUS (67’) by Invernomuto

Conversation with the authors

Curated by Morse and Bridge Film Festival

In association with Fucina Culturale Machiavelli


Fucina Culturale Machiavelli, Via Madonna del Terraglio 10

Veronetta district


13 October 2018, 7 p.m.


Invernomuto: NEGUS (67’)

What has Vernasca, a small town in the province of Piacenza, got to do with Ethiopia, Jamaica and Rastafari? Invernomuto, namely Simone Bertuzzi and Simone Trabucchi, present Negus, an experimental film that is part videoart, part documentary, part performance and part installation. Working in Milan but originally from Vernasca, the duo discovered that in their small town, in 1936, on the return of an Italian soldier who had been wounded during Italy’s occupation of Ethiopia, there was the burning of the effigy of the Negus Hailé Selassié I, the Ethiopian emperor and the messiah of the Rasta cult that would later develop in Jamaica. In the movie, the re-enactment of the burning intertwines with images filmed in the three locations and of the meeting with Lee “Scratch” Perry, a precursor of reggae.

Festival Veronetta afterparty / STILL (live – PAN rec) + Path Festival residents (dj set)

Curated by Morse


Colorificio Kroen, via Antonio Pacinotti 19


13 October 2018, 11 p.m.


Simone Trabucchi, founder of Hundebiss and a member of the Invernomuto duo, debuts with the prestigious label PAN with his new project that brings together dub, dancehall and experimentation. In this project of digital de-structuring of dancehall, he continues to find inspiration, as already seen in the film “Negus” by Invernomuto, in the historical connections existing between his home town, Vernasca, and the fate of colonial Ethiopia, a country whose tradition and iconography is strongly linked to Jamaica’s musical origins.

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