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NEW 2019 | Casarini Due Torri Hotel AWARD

The cooperation between the DueTorriHotels Group and ArtVerona gives rise to the new Casarini Award intended for artists aged under 35 and to the painting medium, created to commemorate the significant work by the 20th century painter and frescoer Pino Casarini (1897-1972) in the internal spaces of Hotel Due Torri in Verona.

The Commission is composed by Franco Vanetti, general manager Gruppo Duetorrihotels, Silvano De Rosa, director Hotel Due Torri, Verona, Andrea Bruciati, director Istituto autonomo Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este, Tivoli and Massimo Mininni, curator Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma.

NEW2019 | MZ Costruzioni AWARD

The first edition of this award, stemming from the idea of two Campanian entrepreneurs and collectors who have understood the solidity, flexibility, technology and environmental sustainability of steel as the founding values of their company.

The Commission is composed by Antonio e Michele Zito, collectors, Silvia Salvati, curator, responsible for exhibitions and collections Museo Madre, Napoli and Ivan Quaroni, curator.

Level 0

6th edition of the project promoted by AGSM that in ArtVerona establishes an occasion for giving support and visibility to the artists exhibiting at the Fair, through the cooperation of the directors of major contemporary art museums and institutions. The directors of the museums involved commit to promoting the selected artists in their calendar of events via a talk, a publication, a workshop, an installation or an exhibition. The Museums of 2019 are: Ca’ Pesaro – Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna di Venezia, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti di Verona, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, GAMeC di Bergamo, Kunst Merano Arte; MA*GA di Gallarate, Mart – Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, MEF – Museo Ettore Fico di Torino, Museo del Novecento di Milano, Palazzo Strozzi a Firenze, Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este a Tivoli.

A disposizione – Veronafiere Art Purchase Fund

This is the name of ArtVerona’s art purchase fund, established in 2018, that allocates 10,000 euros every year. In this way the Fair makes itself ‘A disposizione’ and makes art too ‘A disposizione’, underlining the importance of ArtVerona as a focal event in the program of bringing art, culture and business closer together and helping its local context as well as its partners growing.

Giovanni Maccagnani, vice president Veronafiere
Elena Amadini, Exhibition Manager Stone&Design Area, Veronafiere
Diego Bergamaschi, Advisory Board ArtVerona

Icona Award

The acquisition of an artwork that symbolically represents the Fair as its being an event that promotes the Italian art system and defines the outline of today’s contemporary art scenario. The aim of this contest is to acknowledge the professionalism of the galleries that are the soul and expression of the Fair.

Arrigo Porto, collector
Francesca Rossi, director Musei Civici di Verona
Giorgio Fasol, Advisory Board ArtVerona
Mirko Rizzi, Editor in Chief Zero Venezia and Advisory Board ArtVerona


This prize was launched last year by Fabio Agovino, a collector and personal financial advisor of Widiba bank. At its second edition, this award consists in the purchase at ArtVerona 2019 of an artwork that, by embracing the Widiba’s modus operandi, expresses the energy and potentiality of the technological and relational components of art.

The Commission is composed by Fabio Agovino, collector, Domenico Palma, filmmaker and Francesca Blandino, art historian.

Under 35 Photography Award LCA Law Firm

5,000 euros for the purchase of a photographic work by an under-35 artist. This prize aims to supporting research in contemporary photography, by promoting its value and reinforcing the interest of collectorship.

The Commission is composed by Maria Grazia Longoni, collector and partner of LCA Law Firm, Christiane Rekade, director KunstMeranoArte and Davide Giannella, curator.

Sustainable Art Prize

Third edition of the award aimed at the promotion of sustainability, such as to foster a wider awareness on global challenges and problems related to social, economic and environmental change that humanity has to face in the near future.

The Commission is composed by Fabio Pranovi, delegated to Sustainability of Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia (President of the Jury), Diego Mantoan, Researcher of Art History Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Gabi Scardi, Art Historian and curator and Maria Rosa Sossai, curator and contemporary art Critic.

Display Award

Awarded to the two galleries, one for each pavilion, deemed to have displayed artists and works in its space in the most coherent and innovative manner. The prize consists in a 2,000 euros discount on the ArtVerona 2020 enrolment fee.

The Commission is coordinated by Elena Salmistraro, product designer and artist.

i10 Independent Spaces Award

Now at its 10th edition, this prize money is dedicated to the best non-profit association which operating with the languages of contemporary art, selected in collaboration with the media partner Artribune. Starting from 2017, this project is included in THE INDEPENDENT platform, which offers the winner the opportunity to work with the MAXXI Museum.

The Commission is composed by Cristiano Seganfreddo, curator i10 Spazi Indipendenti and Advisory Board ArtVerona, Massimiliano Tonelli, Editor-in-Chief Artribune, Giulia Ferracci, curator MAXXI and Simone Ciglia, Reseracher The Independent, MAXXI.

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