As an active stakeholder in the art system, ArtVerona has confirmed a far-reaching programme of acquisitions, competitions and awards aimed at supporting the various actors in the network. Among its strongpoints (Fondi Acquisizioni, Premio Icona, Premio Ottella, Premio Display, Sustainable Art Prize, Premio Fotografia under 35) there’s Level 0, an opportunity to establish a relationship between an artist – and his or her gallery – and an Italian museum (10 partner museums in 2016), featuring an ever greater commitment to truly enhancing the career and visibility of the shortlisted artists.

Level 0

Supported by AGSM, the 6th edition of the project which finds in ArtVerona a possibility of exaltation and visibility for the artists.
The directors of the museums involved undertake to promote the selected artists within their planning by the mean of a talk, a publication, a workshop, an installation or an exhibition. The museums involved are: ‘Luigi Pecci’ Contemporary Art Center of Prato, ‘Achille Forti’ Modern Art Gallery of Verona, National Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Rome, GAMeC of Bergamo, Kunst Merano Arte of Merano, MA*GA of Gallarate, Mart of Trento and Rovereto, Museion of Bolzano, Civic Museum of Bassano, Museo del Novecento of Milan, Palazzo Ducale of Mantova, Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este of Tivoli, Reggia di Caserta

Icona Prize

The acquisition of a work that symbolically represents the Fair and its being an event that promotes the Italian art system and that contributes in defining the outline of today’s contemporary art scenario. The aim of the Contest is to acknowledge the professionalism of the exhibiting galleries, that are the soul and expression of the Fair.

Display Prize

Awarded to the two galleries, one for each pavilion, deemed to have displayed artists and works in its space in the most coherent and innovative manner. President of the Panel is Patrizia Moroso, an entrepreneur who has made research and attention to detail her signature approach at international level. The prize consists in a 2000 euros discount on the galleries’ ArtVerona 2019 enrolment fee.

Sustainable Art Prize

A contest organised by the ‘Ca’ Foscari’ University of Venice in cooperation with ArtVerona, that in 2017 identified the Fair’s best art project encompassing the sustainable development theme. The project has been supported in its realization and will be inaugurated during the event.

Under 35 Photography Prize

5,000 euros for the purchase at the Fair of a work by an under-35 artist. The prize, sponsored by the entrepreneur Riccardo Aichner, aims at supporting research in contemporary photography, at promoting its topicality and value, and at reinforcing the interest of a more articulated collectorship.

Premio WidiCollect (WIse – DIalog- COllecting)

Launched by Fabio Agovino, a collector and personal financial advisor of Banca Widiba bank, the prize consists in the purchase at ArtVerona 2018 of a work that, by embracing the Widiba’s modus operandi, expresses the energy and potentiality of the technological and relational components of art.

i9 Independent Spaces Prize

2.000 euros is the recognition made available by AMIA, for the most properly representation of Utopia theme, seen as a resource of transformation for the Territories. ArtVerona provides, with the cooperation of Reverse, a specific set-up in Hall 12. To this recognition, it is added the visibility on the FOCUS column of Artribune, media partner of the section, and opportunity to work with the MAXXI, project partner for THE INDEPENDENT platform

At the disposal

This is the new acquisition fund for art of Veronafiere, of the value of 10,000 euros per year. In this way, the Fair put itself at the services of art, by highlithing the importance of ArtVerona as a central event in the project of rapprochement between art, culture and enterprise and by increasing its territorial context through continuous contaminations with the sectors of the reference companies of the main events.

Private Acquisition Group

It was born in 2015, by of an idea of Advisory Board of ArtVerona, which has four collectors, is aimed at supporting the Italian art system through the involvement of collectors and entrepreneurs.

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