The core of the event, reserved for the major modern and contemporary art galleries that share a qualified proposal based on Italian and international artists ranging from the fully acclaimed to mid-career as well as emerging artists.


The new section dedicated to galleries that work with artists capable of developing their research using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, social networks, robotics, videogames, apps, 3D animations, rendering, Coding, Big Data and nanotechnologies.


A space dedicated to galleries that present and promote up to three younger generation talents, providing the occasion for discovering the most innovative art languages.


8 open spaces that allow the galleries to highlight an Italian artist born not earlier than in the 1990’s with a monographic and in-depth project.


Curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio

Another new entry of the 2020 edition. Vintage galleries are invited to introduce younger galleries that they have seen and helped to grow, demonstrating the transmission of knowledge through the generations that is typical of the art system.


Curated by Ginevra Bria

The new section each year invites several important sector magazines to present their background, the role of critique and of information and the connections with the artists and the system of Italian art.

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