150 galleries have been selected this year divided into two macro-areas: the Main Section, that hosts historicised modern artists and contemporary artists, and the Research Section, that hosts the latest generations of artists


This is the pulsing artery of the fair, involving both pavilions and including both long-standing and younger galleries sharing the proposal of a qualified focus on Italian artists. Not only those acclaimed by critics and collectors, but also mid-career artists – a precious and not yet fully tapped resource – and emerging artists as well.


Raw Zone

This section confirms the aim of giving visibility to the research galleries, also capable of putting to qualified use a “raw” essential space dedicated to a single artist. Thanks to its open layout Raw Zone, dedicated to 8 galleries, fosters a direct and more informal connection with the public – a winning strategy for many young galleries participating since the first edition.


This section is a natural follow-up to the Raw Zone, featuring an enhanced display and design experience (hosting no more than two or three artists). A meeting place for 16 experimental galleries, to advance innovative proposals creating suggestions and contamination of ideas.

Grand Tour

“#backtoitaly” is the event’s payoff: Italy has always been a source of inspiration for artists. #backtoItaly hints at foreign entities present in Italy and interested in Italian artists, and at Italian gallerists living abroad who are “coming back” to Italy. This is the concept behind the Grand Tour area, where this focus on Italian art is illustrated with artworks by Italian artists or by other references to Italy’s art scene.

Focus on

Based on the Fair’s internationalization growth towards North-Eastern Europe, the ‘Focus on’ section has been confirmed for the second year. This space in 2019 will host a collective exhibition of galleries from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

i10 – Independent Spaces

Now at its 10th edition, this fair section, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, hosts for free 14 non-profit associations operating with the languages of contemporary art, selected in collaboration with the media partner Artribune. Starting from 2017, this project is included in THE INDEPENDENT platform, which offers the winner the opportunity to work with the MAXXI Museum.

Free Stage

From an idea by Adriana Polveroni, ‘Free Stage’ is an exhibition space for young artists not promoted by any gallery, but rather presented by an artist of the previous generation, in a close dialogue among them. This year the tutor is Alberto Garutti who will invite 8 young artists at the fair.

Boris Contarin, Giulia Crivellaro, Eleonora Luccarini, Andrea Nicolò Malaguti, Matias Julian Nativo & Alessia Prati, Chiara Pagano, Bianca R. Schröder and Rob van den Berg: these are the young artists, my former pupils at the IUAV of Venice, who I have selected at Adriana Polveroni’s request for Free Stage at ArtVerona 2019. I never impose an educational path for my courses. I have always attempted to build an atmosphere, a set where there can be an open and unforeseeable encounter of thoughts. In this way, the course can self-generate and my role is borderline on control and total naturalness. And so, these works are presented with the same methodological approach. I selected the artists but I allowed them the freedom to choose their works so as to present themselves to the world of art autonomously and in an authentic manner, so that they can be harbingers of new scenarios, visions and sensitivities”.

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