Now at its third edition, the project continues in its intent of offering visitors an unusual experience of Verona and its sites, all certainly less well-known to tourists but equally fascinating and vital. This intends to quite spontaneously and directly transmit the awareness that visiting a city might implicate the willingness on the visitor’s part to become ‘temporary citizen’ of the places being visited.
This year, La terza notte di quiete, part of the Festival Veronetta program of events, expands further into the Veronetta district to encompass other venues in via S. Nazaro in addition to the traditional ones in via XX Settembre.

The artists, including Elena Bellantoni, Eugenio Tibaldi, Marco Raparelli, have already been working autonomously and for many years, in their own ways, on the relationship between art and city spaces. This year, the project also includes twelve students coming from the Fine Arts Academies of Verona, Frosinone and Foggia.


curated by Christian Caliandro

Veronetta district

via XX Settembre and via S. Nazaro, Verona

12-14 October 2018

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