Towards ArtVerona 2020: a new and dynamic curatorial team at work on the 16th edition

The new curatorial team of ArtVerona, the event dedicated to modern and contemporary art scheduled to open from 11 to 13 December 2020 and directed by Stefano Raimondi, is already at work in redesigning the contents and prospects of the 16th edition of the fair. This year, the already field-proven team of Veronafiere will be joined by important national and international professional operators of the sector who are helping in creating a dynamic project that is to be the answer to the challenge of the moment, despite the many uncertainties linked to the diffusion of the Coronavirus, by also investigating new solutions using solid reasoning as well as creativity.

Veronafiere, one of the most solid fair hubs in Italy, is defining new utilisation models capable of ensuring operation in safe conditions for both the exhibitors and the visitors of all the fairs scheduled to start in autumn, in full compliance with the regulations that will be in force at the time, thereby also continuing to support the cultural and exhibiting project on which ArtVerona is based. This redesigning, however, does not involve only the physical context of the fair district but also the digital contexts, and so the event will also benefit from a new and structured online platform that Veronafiere is developing for all of its products and that will offer further occasions for meeting, dialogue and business.

The will to consolidate the fair concept is what has driven the creation of the new team of curators and consultants, chosen for their expertise and for their skill in providing a substantial contribution to the networking activity that has always made ArtVerona the venue for quality exchange, in any format (physical or digital) it can and will take on, especially in Italy.

The galleries have up until 31 July to submit their application for participation in an edition whose new opening period has been chosen specifically in order to meet the needs of the operators and to concentrate all of the efforts in designing and in trying to create a top quality event capable of contributing to the relaunching of the Italian art system.

Next to Main, the section dedicated to the major modern and contemporary art galleries, ArtVerona intends to place in center stage position of the 2020 edition two new invitation events: Introduction and Pages. In Introduction, prestigiously curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, historical galleries will introduce younger galleries they have ‘mentored’. On the other hand, Pages, curated by Ginevra Bria, will provide a selected number of important Italian and international sector magazines to present their background story and their connections with the Italian art system.
Evolution, another 2020 novelty, intends to present galleries working with artists that conduct their artistic research using the many facets of digital technology, currently a highly topical ambit, thereby ranging from virtual reality to big data and nanotechnology. Next is dedicated to the galleries that present up to three young talents, while Solo is conceived as a series of open spaces allowing exhibitors to enhance, via a monographic project, an Italian artist born in the 1990’s or later.

New contents are also being studied for the programs and formats together with the new curators Maria Chiara Valacchi (the program Talks), Giulia Floris (LAB1, a focus on the more experimental no-profits with a project dedicated to artists-in-residence programs), and Saverio Verini (StandChat, meetings with artists).
The focus on Italian artists typical of ArtVerona is underlined with the addition to the team of Edoardo Monti in his dual role as VIP manager and digital strategist, of Elena Forin for the Corporate section, as well as with the edition of the five-yearly Critical Collecting, a publishing project conceived and developed by Antonio Grulli.

Updated contents and new curators also for Art & The City, the coordinated program of events that will animate and involve the most significant locations and institutions of the city of Verona, divided into theme-dedicated sections: Performance & The City, curated by Claudia Santeroni and Marzia Minelli; Video & The City, curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti; Collection & The City, with an exhibition curated by Irene Sofia Comi; Sculpture & The City, a public sculpture project at its debut, curated by Elena Forin and produced in cooperation with Marmomac, the leading fair for the stone industry and its technologies.

New members have also been added to the Advisory Board: Maria Grazia Longoni Palmigiano, attorney at law, a partner of the LCA law firm and a collector, and Alessia Zorloni, founder of Art Wealth Advisory and teacher, have joined Diego Bergamaschi, collector, vice president of CLUBGAMeC, founder of Seven Gravity Collection and of Collection of Collections (CoC), Antonio Coppola, entrepreneur, collector and president of Fondazione Coppola, Giorgio Fasol, collector and president of AGI Verona Associazione Culturale, and Mirko Rizzi, creative director and president of Associazione Marsèlleria.

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