Collectors studio

The new Instagram project by ArtVerona
curated by Antonio Grulli




Collectors Studio is a space of reflection, aimed at investigating the evolution of art collecting. The collector, who used to commission works in the past, has always been the central to the art system. The art world has undergone an impetuous and overwhelming process of evolution and change, particularly with regard to dimensions. Numerous new professional figures have been born and the specialisation of some of these has led to the creation of new roles that are of considerable importance, such as the curator, which was almost non-existent until about thirty years ago. All this has also allowed a complete change of the market and galleries, which are now able to compete with major museums in terms of dimensions and power.

The only figure in the system which seems to have remained the same, is the collector. It is curious how this figure, often associated with the old stereotypes, still play a quite passive role in the system and is perceived simply as an element from which to draw energy, despite being one of the pillars on which it is founded and thanks to which the world of art exists. In the day of curators, why do we still find it hard to think that the composition of a collection of works of art can have a meaning to be considered, analysed and judged independently? Why isn’t it possible to think of collecting as part of the system with critical vision, capable of being an active, dialectic element that can help grow through intellectual comparison/contrast?

In actual fact, the collector is a constantly changing figure, who in recent years has undergone a radical transformation process, taking on an active, critical and constructive role within the art system. More and more often, he/she is a veritable travelling companion for many artists, critics and curators, and is seen not only as a potential buyer, but also as a credible and authoritative interlocutor.

Collectors Studio is an editorial project of ArtVerona, based on an Instagram profile fed with contents aimed at investigating and promoting the new boundaries of art collecting today, but in the future it could take on new and unexpected forms, in order to better follow this constantly evolving world. The profile will be curated by in part by collectors who, in recent years, have succeeded in actively reinterpreting their role as modern patrons of the arts and maintaining an open and constant communication with artists and critics. In addition, content linked to art collecting in Italy and abroad will be posted on the profile from time to time, mainly in an attempt to highlight the critical and intellectual aspects.