Critical Collecting

For its second year, Artverona is pleased to present the project Critical Collecting, conceived and curated by Antonio Grulli: ten young independent art critics will be invited to write a critical text which analyses collecting or the way of collecting used by other collectors, always paying particular attention to the Italian market which characterises ArtVerona.

In addition to the aspect linked to patronage, which is immediately clear, the project intends to survey the international evolution of the people who buy art today and to express the need to convey meaning to their collections, also by involving an attentive outside eye, capable of narrating a body of works or single elements identified as meaningful. It’s a way of bringing the figure of the art critic, essential to the correct and healthy pursuit of the art world, and all too often set to one side in these years of prevailing curatorial practices, back to the centre of things. With this project, ArtVerona wants to try to move away from the classic, predictable matching of collectors and artists that takes place during in fairs, asking collectors to produce, buy, signal and present the work of the artists.

The aim of Critical Collecting is to redefine the sphere of action of art collecting, frequently linked to the mere moment of purchasing works considered in the classic sense, implicitly and experimentally suggesting the possibility of funding new market niches. At a time when artists have extended the concept of art to include every form of object or concept, not necessarily limited to the material aspects, why can’t we think of collectors who also include critical texts in (and on) their collection?


Fabio Agovino / Marianna Agliottone

Massimo Antichi / Carolina Gestri

Marco Barbieri / Massimo Marchetti

Valter Cassandro / Roberta Mansueto

Oliviero Falconi / Stefano Raimondi

Alberto Ferrari / Davide Giannella

Marco Ghigi / Davide Ferri

Antonio e Annamaria Maccaferri / Claudia Santeroni

Pierluigi Metelli / Marta Silvi

Massimiliano Ruggeri / Bruno Barsanti